Designed for Slaughter: Larry Nodens #1 – Paperback




Unveiling the Shadows: Justice, Secrets, and the Overlord’s Will

In the modern industrial city of Dylath-Leen, ruled by enigmatic extra-dimensional Overlords, Inspector Lazarus Balthazar Nodens leads a squad of detectives in the Criminal Investigations Division. Their primary task? Investigating deaths attributed to either the merciless Ravagers or terrestrial culprits. But when a string of murders targeting identical women shakes the city, Inspector Larry Nodens finds himself caught in a perilous web of politics and secrecy.

Dylath-Leen is a place where the Overlords hold dominion, their hybrid offspring managing the day-to-day affairs of the government. The appearance and disappearance of both the Overlords and the Ravagers add an eerie layer of unpredictability to the city’s landscape. Victims claimed by the Ravagers, known as Ravager Attributed Deaths (RADs), are reluctantly accepted as the Overlords’ grim prerogative. Any other deaths fall under Larry’s jurisdiction.

As Larry and his dedicated team dive into the investigation, they unearth a startling revelation—the murdered women possess a politically sensitive secret. Balancing the will of the Overlords and his commitment to upholding the law, Larry must tread a treacherous path where the line between justice and the desires of the ruling elite blurs.

In a city where truth is elusive and allegiances are tested, Larry Nodens finds himself entangled in a high-stakes game of power. As he uncovers hidden agendas and confronts the shadowy forces manipulating Dylath-Leen’s destiny, Larry must make difficult choices that could alter the delicate balance between the Overlords and the human populace.

In “Designed for Slaughter,” the fate of Dylath-Leen hangs in the balance as Inspector Larry Nodens walks the tightrope between fulfilling the Overlords’ will and seeking justice for the victims. Will he uncover the truth behind the murders, or will he become entangled in a web of darkness, where secrets have dire consequences? The city’s destiny and Larry’s own soul hang in the balance as the threads of loyalty and deception entwine in a battle for control that spans dimensions.


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