Things to Remember in Writing a Trilogy

Joab Stieglitz is an established author who is best known for writing creative and compelling trilogies. His works the Utgarda Trilogy and the Thule Trilogy are both beautiful trilogies of adventure novels that provide their readers with a different kind of reading experience – an experience that stirs their imaginations and leave them on the edge of their seats. The Thule Trilogy by Stieglitz, particularly, is still a work in progress, but it is already making a good impression among the reading public. Joab Stieglitz is evidently one of the few authors in the literary world who can pull off a trilogy. In general, trilogies are not easy to work on. There are several things that you need to consider and remember in writing a trilogy.

The titles should be intriguing and relevant

Titles play an important role in determining your readership. To hook many readers, each of the book in your trilogy should have an intriguing and compelling title. Each title should give the readers an idea on what the installment is about and on what they can expect from the story. These titles should hint at pivotal plot developments in each book. This is what Joab Stieglitz is doing with the Thule Trilogy. He is coming up with interesting, relevant, and suggestive individual titles for his series. The purpose for this is to sustain the interest of the readers in your trilogy. By choosing the right titles, you are somewhat assuring the readers of the consistency of your overall story. The consistency and relevance of your titles as well as your stories are crucial in maintaining your readership. The more relevant and consistent to the overall theme your titles are, the more readers will be convinced to read your trilogy until the last installment. Although they do not seem significant at first, titles are actually an important consideration in writing a trilogy.

The structure should be consistent and organized

The process of writing a trilogy is generally intricate, especially when it comes to structuring the story. When writing a trilogy, it is important for you, as an author, to structure your overall story in a consistent and organized way. Consistency and organization are the keys to creating a beautiful, smooth-running, and memorable trilogy. The beauty of the Thule Trilogy by Stieglitz lies heavily in these two elements. To achieve a consistent and organized trilogy, outline and plan each book in your series carefully. Determine how you are going to divide your trilogy according to some central plot points. Generally, trilogies have six central plot points divided this way: the first book has the hook and the first plot point; the second book has the midpoint and the third plot point; and the third book has the climax and the resolution. It is recommended that you structure your trilogy this way, especially if you are still a budding author. Once you are done outlining your series, you can then proceed to working your way around making each book in your trilogy engrossing and eventful.

The concluding book should be satisfying

The last installment is perhaps the most intricate book to write in your trilogy. There are just so many details and elements that you need to consider in writing your concluding book. Generally, in order to come up with a successful trilogy, your concluding book should be satisfying and worthwhile. It should satisfy the expectations of the readers and make them feel that it was a good decision to invest their money and time in your books. To make sure that the readers will love how your story ends, create a convincing conclusion that ties up all the loose ends in your trilogy. As much as possible, maintain the suspense and intrigue that you have built up in your previous books. Use such build-up to arrive at an ending that will make your readers satisfied and in awe. In general, it is important that you keep the pace and plots of your trilogy in check from beginning to end.

Overall, writing a trilogy is difficult. There are many things that you need to consider and keep in mind in order to create a beautiful and successful trilogy. The Utgarda Trilogy and the Thule Trilogy by Stieglitz are literary gems that show just how intricate yet fun and fulfilling it is to create a series of books. Despite the difficulty and intricacies, you can certainly create your own trilogy with enough knowledge, skills, and dedication. Hopefully, this article has given you some inspiration to produce your own trilogy in the future.

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