Finding the Right Character Names for Your Adventure Novel

Naming your characters for your adventure books is essential to make a great impact on your readers. One reason you should consider is that your character’s names affect the way your readers see them. As much as this, your characters are also one of the important elements of your narrative. They are the ones who give life to it, carrying the world you have created in your mind and making them the best you could ever think of. Your characters will be the backbone of your story. This becomes one of the reasons for you to create the right and suitable names for your story. However, this process can become a little bit tricky. This blog will help you with that.

For adventure novels, you need to consider taking your time naming your characters. The characters you will be creating should have diverse personalities from each other. Their names must carry out these personalities. This is because adventure stories are also diverse. You can have many main characters and include different genres. This will help engage the readers more to your stories because they can be attached with your characters so much in your adventurous plot.

Thus, if you plan to write your own adventure books, you should know all the little components for making a compelling one. Reading others’ work can also allow you to learn. Make sure to check out Joab Stieglitz Book on The Other Realm. You can definitely learn some adventure writing techniques, including finding the right names for your characters. For the meantime, this blog will give your the ultimate list of measure your need to take to achieve the appropriate character names. See the point below:

Brainstorm Your Story to Know Your Characters

Just like any other book genre out there, brainstorming is the key to accomplishing a good story. This is one of the very few steps. To think of character’s names, you should jot down all the ideas you want to include in your story. This is also a great way for you not to forget anything important that you want to incorporate in the storyline. Now that you have brainstormed, you have ideas on how you want your characters to be like.

Choose Names with Meaning that Coincides their Personalities

As mentioned, your characters’ names must suit their personalities. One way you can do this is to establish a strong one. Have them possess qualities that the readers would like to follow. From there, you can get ideas on what you should name them. For starters, you will focus on naming your characters. However, it would be best to think about the others since they still greatly impact the story. In other words, don’t leave supporting characters behind. Put effort into naming them as much as the main ones.

Give Your Characters Nicknames

You want your book to be remembered by your readers forever, your characters including. Giving them a catchy nickname will do this for you. Nicknames are really effective when it comes to making readers not forget you. It also improves how you help readers get the notion of the relationship your characters have. But then you have also to consider picking the right ones for each, or else it will confuse your readers.

Consider the Theme of the Story

In this case, you are writing adventure books. Adventure books should include characters with bold personalities. The best way to make this possible by researching names that can mean how they act or behave. As mentioned, you really must have a diverse number of characters. So make sure to check the tooth meaning for each one. Some readers might already know the meaning; some can definitely sense it.

In conclusion, there are many reasons for you to take the measures of naming your characters. No matter what sort of character name you’re pursuing, these steps will surely help you, one way or another. As much as you think of it as pressure-filled, you can also make the experience enjoyable. Just always remember to enjoy the process as much as you would enjoy reading adventure books. This step is surely one of the must-haves of an interesting adventure novel.


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