Bound By Possibilities: Larry Nodens #2 – ebook




Larry Nodens unravels sinister secrets and navigates personal upheavals to confront a conspiracy that threatens to transform the very fabric of his world.

Inspector Lazarus Balthazar Nodens is a seasoned detective in the modern industrial city of Dylath-Leen, where enigmatic extra-dimensional Overlords reign. Leading a squad in the Criminal Investigations Division, Larry faces the challenges of a city where the Overlords and their hybrid offspring wield authority.

Dylath-Leen is a place of eerie unpredictability, with the appearance and disappearance of the Overlords and the terrifying Ravagers. Victims claimed by the Ravagers, known as Ravager Attributed Deaths (RADs), are reluctantly accepted as the Overlords’ grim prerogative. However, any other deaths fall under Larry’s jurisdiction.

When a dead body with aquatic features is discovered on the docks, Larry’s investigation takes a sinister turn. He soon unravels a web of secrets surrounding a nightclub, which happens to be a premier Selection site for the Overlords. The body of a woman initially found in a dumpster leads Larry to a grim discovery—body parts from numerous other victims. It becomes evident that the club is involved in a process of drug-induced brainwashing, shaping its Selection candidates for compatibility with the Overlords.

Amidst the investigations, Nodens’ daughter Dani becomes the target of an otherworldly entity that tempts her with the development of alleged paranormal powers. As Nodens navigates this complex web of supernatural forces, his personal life takes an unexpected turn. Instructed by the Overlords, his girlfriend Farley is compelled to move in with Nodens and Dani, ostensibly to prepare him for an assessment by the enigmatic rulers.

As Larry delves deeper into his investigation, he becomes the target of a suspected dissident group. Threats escalate, and Larry finds himself caught in a final conflict that will forever alter his world. Drastic changes, both personal and societal, are set in motion, leaving Larry to grapple with the aftermath and navigate the new reality that unfolds before him.


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