The Ultimate Advice to Authors of Adventure

Everyone loves adventure stories. These are the kinds of stories that have the ability to pump the adrenaline of the readers and leave them on the edge of their seats. Adventures stories usually provide the readers with a sense of excitement. Reading them is often a fun and thrilling experience.

Writing adventure stories can be just as fun as reading them. Usually, writing these kinds of stories allow the authors to cultivate their creativity and foster their imagination. Joab Stieglitz is a great example of an author who knows how to put the thrill and the creativity in his stories. Joab Stieglitz is an avid tabletop RPG (role-playing game) player who channels his role-playing experiencing in writing pulp adventure novels. The best work in his collection of adventure novels so far is The Utgarda Series, which is composed of three fascinating books namely The Old Man’s Request, The Missing Medium, and The Other Realm.

Do you want to become an author of your own adventure stories like Joab Stieglizt someday? If yes, then you are on the right page! This article essentially provides the ultimate advice to authors of adventure.

Make your adventure story go from the ordinary to the extraordinary

Oftentimes, an adventure story begins in a setting that is quite ordinary. As the story progresses, however, its setting needs to become more complex and its events have to become more intense. The location at the beginning of the story and the expected experiences should become something very unexpected toward the end.

This is the common structure of many adventure stories – they go from the ordinary to the extraordinary. By following this structure, you are keeping your adventure story from becoming dull and predictable. If the experiences and events in your story are predictable and are what one could normally and logically follow, then your story may not be considered adventure all. Remember, adventure stories are made to entertain, excite, thrill, and surprise the readers. There is no fun and thrill in a story whose structure is monotonous and whose ending can be predicated quite easily.

Fill your adventure story with risks and twists

Adventure stories are generally built on suspense and tension. Oftentimes, the readers of this genre search for stories that can make their pulse pound and pump their adrenaline. For this reason, it is important for adventure authors to make their stories as fun, intense, and thrilling as possible. To do this, you might need to fill your adventure story with risks and twists. Create conflicts and twists in your story that can surprise and capture the interest of the readers. Add risk factors to the situation of your characters to pile up the suspense. Without these risks and twists, even the most unexpected series of events will still not generate the thrill of a real adventure.

Allow your characters to undergo transformation

Characters are the driving force of every adventure story. They are the ones that push the story forward and make things more interesting and thrilling for the readers. Just like the storyline and the setting, the main character in your adventure story should also undergo a transformation – a metamorphosis from an ordinary person to a hero. This will keep your protagonist from being a static character.

In an adventure story, particularly, static and stagnant characters can be somewhat displeasing. They can be boring to read, and they do not contribute anything to make the story more intense, risky, and exciting. Of course, without these things – tension, risk, and excitement – your story may not be considered adventure at all. To avoid this, allow your characters to undergo some developments and transformation. Make them as dynamic and active as possible.

Overall, writing adventure stories can really be just as fun as reading them. Not only is it entertaining, but it can also fuel your creativity and develop your imagination as an author. Writing adventure stories is not as easy as it seems, but it is something that can be learned through practice and experience. Read many different kinds of books under this genre, such as those by Joab Stieglitz. Practice your writing and storytelling every now and then. Follow the pieces of advice that established adventure authors are sharing. Most importantly, do not stress yourself so much and always have fun in writing!


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