The Must-Haves of an Interesting Adventure Novel

Adventure novels are generally fun and exciting. These kinds of literary works are known for having the ability to stimulate the imagination of their readers and leave them on the edge of their seats. Oftentimes, adventure novels take their readers to faraway or unusual settings while providing a strong of sense of suspense and excitement. As a literary genre, adventure is very much popular among children and adults, especially those who are adventure seekers and enthusiasts.

There are already plenty of adventure novels out there. Every year, around hundreds and thousands of novels under this genre are being published around the world. For this reason, if you want to publish an adventure novel that is going to be widely read, then you need to make your novel as interesting as possible. The Utgarda Trilogy by Joab Stieglitz contains great examples of adventure novels that know precisely how to pique the interest of the readers. The Utgarda Trilogy is a series of innovative, thrilling, and compelling stories set in the 1920s. The series generally combines several different elements together (e.g. fantasy, horror, and adventure), which makes it a unique and interesting read. The novels included in this trilogy are The Old Man’s Request, The Missing Medium, and The Other Realm.

If you are an aspiring author who wants to write an adventure novel as fascinating as those in The Utgarda Trilogy, then this article is especially for you. Below are some of the things that you need to keep in mind when writing your own adventure story. They are the must-haves of an interesting adventure novel.

A unique concept or theme

Adventure novels are quite popular. There are already hundreds and thousands of these kinds of novels out there, so you need to make yours outstanding if you want it to be interesting. To accomplish this, you need to choose a concept or theme that is distinct from the others. A unique concept or theme is a must-have of a good adventure novel. Shy away from using clichés, and come up with something that can pique the interest of the readers. The kinds of concepts or themes that you need to avoid are those that have been used over and over again in hundreds of adventure novels, such as “the chosen one” cliché, the prophecy trope, the normal-child-turned-superhero narrative, and more.

Protagonists with bold characteristics

In almost every story, the protagonists usually play a very crucial role. Oftentimes, the protagonists are what hooks the readers to a story. Because of this, authors need to dedicate a great amount of time and attention to inventing their protagonists. Readers commonly look for specific types of protagonists when reading a certain genre of novels. In adventure novels, particularly, readers often look for heroic main characters. These are the kinds of protagonists who possess bold characteristics. They are defined by high energy and strong will. They are brave, courageous, smart, and ready to embark on a quest anytime. For many adventure readers, these kinds of heroic characters are interesting and engaging.

A stimulating journey or quest

Adventure novels are dull without a journey or quest. A journey or quest is considered an essential element of an adventure story. Without them, there would be no adventure at all. Generally, the main purpose of a journey or quest is to spice up the story and make changes in the main characters. Oftentimes, a journey or quest corrects a flaw of the protagonist, matures his or her personality, or give him or her a greater understanding of things. In order to write an interesting adventure novel, you need to revolve your story around a stimulating journey or quest. Doing so will allow you to give the readers a more fun, active, and exciting reading experience.

Action and suspense

Action and suspense are also must-haves of an interesting adventure novel. Generally, the genre of adventure is known for dangerous and risky action that the main characters encounter during their quest. If your adventure novel is filled with action and suspense, then the readers will more likely consider your book an exciting read. Action and suspense give the readers a reason to look forward to every chapter of your story. The more action-packed and suspenseful your novel is, the more adventurous and interesting it becomes.

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